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Why a Children’s Library?

The current 1,500 square foot Children’s Library was designed in 1979. It is undersized, dark, and too crowded for current demand.

The new Children’s Library will be a bright contemporary environment, providing increased capacity and better services to local families.

Did you know?
  • A child who hears new words, sings, and is read to will be better prepared for school?
  • Lack of exposure to early literacy skills is one of the main reasons that low-income children are not ready for kindergarten.
  • Exposing children to language and early literacy learning is critical to change academic failure that begins in early childhood.
  • The Central Library has experienced a 26% growth in circulation over the past two years with a 57% surge in children’s summer reading participation in 2013.

With your help, the new Santa Barbara Children’s Library, designed by LPA Associates, will solve existing challenges in five ways:

Expanded Space: The new Children’s Library, relocated to the entire lower level of the Central Library, will grow from 1,500 to 6,325 sq. ft., providing an area dedicated for children and families.

21st Century Technology: The Children’s Library will provide an inviting environment where children can learn and explore with state of the art computers.

Friendly Parent/Child Spaces: Comfortable and attractive reading nooks will foster the sharing of books. Age-appropriate spaces, puzzle tables, and activities will encourage the free play so important to early childhood development.

Interactive Performance Venue: A flexible program space will provide space for free storytimes, homework help, and music, theatre and science performances from visiting authors and artists.

Safety Upgrades: A new fire suppression system will protect the community’s investment.